Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Is All The Buzz About SweatySocks?



SweatySocks is like having lunch with your girlfriends. We talk about everything having to do with a healthy lifestyle. This is a group for women to go to anonymously and chat about topics such as fitness, wellness, beauty, food, recipes, restaurants, books, weight loss, diet, new products, online sales, spa vacations, travel tips, women's health issues, alternative HRT, Doctors, new trends in fitness and work out wear etc... SweatySocks is a community for women to give and get advice and tips to other women on anything having to do with a healthy lifestyle.

What are we chatting about now? Some brief topics below.

Diet Mashed "Potatoes"
"A few years back my sister made mashed "potatoes" that we're soo so good. But I found out they weren't even potatoes but.... Cauliflower! Maybe some of you health experts have tried the diet mashed "potatoes" recipe from South Beach Diet, but for those who haven't, here ya go." (sign up for the recipe)

What Film Is It?

"A friend of mine who is a producer / director highly recommended this film. He said it was one of the best movies he has seen in long time. He took both of his kids, ages 12 and 10 and they loved it to. Its a long weekend -- great time to go to a feel good movie!" (sign up to find out what film we are talking about)

Sunscreens and Toxins

"Does anyone know the low down on sunscreens? I know you should not buy sunscreens with oxybenzone or retinal palminate -- both are considered toxic chemicals. -- I just do not know which brands are safe ? Some say do use broad spectrum others say don't use broad spectrum? Please let me know if you know anything about this?" (sign up to join the conversation)

And these are only a few topics being discussed. It's a way to connect and share ideas. Or simply express yourself with friends or talk about your day.

Come on in. Join the Conversation. Where membership is free but the value is priceless.

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Kayelle Allen said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed reading this. I'm a member of SweatySocks, and we have some interesting items to talk about.

Karen Cote said...

It's a great place to hang, isn't it? I even seen a job posting. No topic appears off limits and all seem geared to help and support.

Lorraine Eastman said...

Thank you Karen for being so kind to post my group on your blog. Im looking forward to hearing from your friends. Lorraine

Karen Cote said...

Hi Lorraine! It is my pleasure! This is a fun group to talk about. Hope your weekend goes great.