Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Little Latte,

Introducing Dear Little Latte!

Now, if you're familiar with The Phantom of the Opera then you know who Christine  Daaé is.

What does that have to do with Dear Little Latte? Everything, of course.

Anyone familiar with Christine knows Raoul fondly refers to her as Little Lottie and Dear Little Latte takes much pleasure in the association.

1) Little Lottie knows about romance and heartbreak, so does Little Latte.

2) Little Lottie knows about writing, look how much time the Great Composer (aka The Phantom) spent in her head. So does Little Latte without that whole head thing.

3) Little Lottie knows about marketing, did you see how full that Opera House was? So does Little Latte.

Thus, Little Latte is born and is here to help you.

So this is your opportunity. Ask her anything. Whether it be about relationships, social media, how to market, how to brand, etc... if she doesn't know the answer, she has some powerful resources who does. Nothing is off the table but be careful, she can get testy if the questions are not fit for a lady. She takes honor and code seriously.

Ask her HERE

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