Tuesday, April 17, 2012



I didn’t dare look directly at him in case it broke his concentration. Keeping my head down, I peak at him from beneath my lashes. His eyes flicker over the computer screen as his lean fingers manipulate the mouse, scrolling through the pages. A moment of awe passes at this man I’m married to.

A man whose executive pen can wield million dollar decisions and interact daily with business associates at elite levels. A man entrusted with the lives of the people around him as well as their families. Some days are filled with challenges, some are thriving on success, many require sensitivity and diplomacy, while all crowd his mind with responsibility and obligation.

Despite all this, this powerful force in the corporate world whose time is tugged in all different directions shuts it all down…for me. Taking precious care to read through my silly little romantic suspense novel. I will always cherish his thoughtful remarks of encouragement and support. Critiques giving proof of his reflection over my words. But it’s his love that I feel most of all. It is probably the first romantic suspense he’s ever read and he’s treating it as if it is the most important story in the world.

Do you have a love story? The contest ends in less than a month. Winner takes home $100 Cashiers Check. Submit your story and show the world how the love of your life has made your dreams…reality.



Heaven said...

Beautiful! Hoping to find my one soon.
Thanks for sharing!

Karen Cote said...

Aww Heaven. Thank you. It took a few mistakes to find my hero but the wait is certainly worth it. You will find yours or rather...you will be found given the caring, charming, and adorable person you are. Hugs and thank you for commenting.

Ronith Fernandes said...

i too Had a love story.... She was d true love of my life....unlike other love stories ...neither i broke up with her...n nor did she break up with me....we broke up with each other....it was a mutual understanding....n along wid dat i broke my heart into pieces....with each piece craving to be wid her.....promising to love her forever..together or not...but its my love forever..