Monday, May 28, 2012

The Publisher of Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road

...speaks about the unique project.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you collected a diverse group of talented authors from around the world and asked them each to write for you a new short story that would give their audience a different kind of reading experience? I did. And when the project came to be, I also decided to take away all the rules. It would just be the authors and their talents going into the collection.

I found 14 authors willing to take on this project. And, as a nod to their lack of writing parameters, I decided to call the book Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road. As in life, so it is in art—these wrong side of the track/road authors not only surprised me with their imagination and their dedication to their craft, they’ve surprised a few reviewers, as well.

“I enjoyed each story and can’t decide which was better. I got started reading and really couldn't stop—wanting to read more or continue on to the next hair-raising story. I like a book I can pick up and not put down and was surprised how much this read kept me coming back for more. Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road certainly did it for me. From the umber-creepy to the tragically bittersweet, this anthology has it all.” –CK Webb (WebbWeaver)

“The editing by Sassy Brit and C.C. Bye is excellent, and the entire presentation is beautifully professional. If you like the short-story genre and want something unique and innovative, you might consider this read. My personal favorite was Malpas, a novella, by Marion Webb-De Sisto, an erotica beauty and beast.” –Kaye Trout, Midwest Book Reviews

“This anthology contains some of the creepiest and unusual stories I’ve read in a long time. While a few of the selections seemed out of place either by caliber or by genre, the best works in this anthology truly set the bar for greatness in speculative fiction. As a whole, I rate Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road at four stars and recommend it as a great addition to any speculative fiction library.” –L. Lane, Cerebral Writer

I think Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is a difficult book for reviewers. The only theme is the challenge to write something truly different. This is why the last reviewer couldn’t get her mind around what appears to be a children’s story right in the middle of a collection of dark fiction. But I don’t think the story is just for children; I think this was a successful attempt to meet our mandated “untheme.” It, more than all the brilliant stories found in this 312 page paperback, belongs in our anthology.

However, it’s also a fact that any criticism launched against this anthology can be challenged by the fact that these stories are printed exactly the way the authors wanted them printed, with some proofreading thrown in, of course. So, whether they are good or not should be glaringly clear.

Want a read that doesn’t just promise to be different? Then pick up a copy of Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road. If your local store doesn’t have the book, get them to bring it in. We’re distributed globally.

Copyright © 2012 Clayton Clifford Bye


HOLD-UP by Lucille Robinson
A rapist learns why crime doesn’t pay—will he survive the lesson?

JUDGMENT DAY by Angelika Devlyn
An injured woman falls into the hands of a psychic psychopath.

FOR ART’S SAKE by Elizabeth Coldwell
Just what is Danni prepared to do for Art’s Sake?

SIMON SEEKS by Nathan L. Yocum
Gotta find someone, go to Simon Craig. But don’t get on his bad side.

Grieving man stumbles upon a remarkable form of heroism.

THE JOURNEY by Megan Johns
A complex woman—wife and mother, has a most surprising secret.

TRIONA’S BEANS by Casey Wolf and Paivi Kuosmanen
Teenage girl saves a world between first and last dinner call.

THE MEAL by Mike Brecon
Reality TV at its ugliest and most brazen.

He won’t stop. There must be seven to forgive his own sins.

THE SMILE IN HER EYES by John B. Rosenman
Can a young girl and an old man find love in an intolerant society?

SLUMFAIRY by Tonya Moore
A jaded mercenary is enlightened by her strange world.

TAKE TWO by Kit St. Germain

MALPAS (Novella) by Marion De Sisto
Her invisible & insatiable dream lover wants things his way. Not likely!




Clayton Bye said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for having me "over."

Your readers might be interested to know that I will add a special message within the book--just for the winner. This makes the book a true one of a kind.

Clayton Clifford Bye

Karen Cote said...

Hi Clayton! Thank you so much for guesting today. Not only are you an amazing publisher and are a cherished friend. ((hugs))

Savannah Chase said...

This books sounds fantastic and interesting. I love the cover as well.

Karen Cote said...

Hi Savannah! You are a doll, my friend. I love this cover too. The stories are diverse as well as entertaining. Thank you so much for stopping by. Love ya.

J Q Rose said...

You sure got my attention with the title and the premise of this collection. And a kid's story in the middle of it all...Wonderful!

Karen Cote said...

Hi JQ! How are you my love? I've missed you. These stories are certainly unique and fun but as our publisher mentions...not the ordinary. Thank you so much for visiting. *muah*

Gemma K. Murray said...

My dear, Karen, the light in the darkness, you have a dark side? This sounds like a great book! A mish mash of tales whose only theme is an "untheme" seems like a book I need to read.

Karen Cote said...

Lol! Hello my darling. And yes...the content would most certainly sway Gemma's way. Someone else we know wouldn't be shocked - too seasoned for that - but may frown and lock up her toys. *private joke alert*

Wendy said...

Thank you for bringing this anthology to our attention, Karen. What a wonderful idea. Authors from around the world. I can imagine the diverse stories coming from different cultures. The best way to bring people together with understanding and friendship. Sounds like a worthwhile book. Congratulations to all the authors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen *hugs*, Hello Clayton - Wow...this sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.
You're just going crazy with KOOL stuff, Karen:)

Karen Cote said...

Wendy and Kay Dee. Such lovely support. You both are rare and such genuine souls. You are my blessing for today. Thank you.